Transcendental Meditation Mantras

Mantras are an integral part of the Transcendental Meditation (or TM). The practice of TM centers on the repetition of short, secret mantras chosen for each individual by a teacher.

A mantra is a word or a phrase that is repeated with the intention of creating a trance-like meditative state. It is used to transcend the mind and experience consciousness without the limitations of thought.

The TM movement claims that its secret mantras are chosen specifically for the individual, who must not reveal his or her mantra to anyone else, or even discuss their meditation practice. However, there are web sites revealing all the TM mantras, which appear to be allotted by means of a simple formula based on the age and sex of the student.

There are currently about 16 basic mantras in use, but it wasn’t always this way. In the early 1960’s, only two mantras were used in the Transcendental Meditation practice. Men used “Ram” and women used “Shiriram.”

You can get the list of Mantra at the below sites. However it is recommended to work with train TM teacher.

How does Mantra work

Mantras are sounds that have a specific energetic vibrational quality a tone or pitch like a musical instrument or any other sound, audible or inaudible.

A sound – a spoken word – can either have a high vibrational quality or a low one. For example, the words ‘love’ and ‘hate’ have very different vibrations and intentions. You can use the energy of a sound to create a desired vibration within your body.

Mantras are used to unify the body’s vibration, which may be out of balance due to too many negative thoughts and emotions. The cells in your body store the energy of all of your thoughts; and if your thoughts are predominantly negative, there are physical repercussions . This is the reason meditation is used as a healing tool. Use a mantra to neutralize the effects of negativity that had been stored in the cells.

Research have shown that when you repeat a mantra long enough, your body will start to vibrate in tune with the energy of the sound you repeat,. This is like an instrument which will begin to resonate to a tuning fork. The individual vibrations of the organs, your thoughts and your emotions come into sync with the vibration of the mantra. A subtle physical change occurs in the body.

You can create any state of being you desire using the sound of a mantra including happiness, peace, calm and vitality.

Mantras also correspond to the energy centers of the body, or the chakras. Each chakra has a sound and a color associated with it. Each sound that is spoken as a mantra will balance the chakra with the same vibration. This is one way that mantras are used for healing purposes

Mantras originated as spiritual tools and they are still used that way today.