Transcendental Meditation Technique

The practice of TM centers on the repetition of short, secret mantras chosen for each individual by a teacher. However, there are web sites revealing all the TM mantras, which appear to be allotted by means of a simple formula based on the age and sex of the student.

Mantras are best when they are easy to say and remember.
Repeat the mantra, keep your mind focused on it and relax your muscles, allowing your whole body to come into resonance with the sound. The fastest results come when you relax and stop trying too hard

If you’re new to mantras your mind will start chattering again with many thoughts will start flowing in. When you get conscious about it gently redirect your attention back to the mantra. Avoid getting frustrated if you cant reach meditative stage. The key is gentleness and persistence. Eventually the mind will become quiet and you will be at peace..With practice, you’ll be able to mentally amplify the mantras to the point that the mind goes silent for extended periods.

Traditionally it is recommended to learn Transcendental Meditation you attend a course of instruction with a qualified teacher. One of the advantages of receiving formal instruction is that you will be provided with your own personal mantra.

If you choose your own Transcendental Meditation mantras, keep these tips in mind:
• your mantra should resonate with you and be meaningful to you
• your mantra should create the physical sensations, emotions and state of being that you want
• you can choose a word like ‘love’ or ‘one’ to create a feeling of unity
• your mantra should be easy to say and remember
• your mantra should be easy to “automate”: once you begin saying it, it should quickly become effortless so you lose