Why to Meditate?

Why to Meditate in this current stressed and aging life style?

We are at a time when we are experiencing sensory overload higher than at any point of time in history.

Only few decades back Man lived out of natural colors. Artificial colors did not exist. In current time your eyes have to adjust and adopt to number of artificial colors we have created. Your eyes are also not consistently on anything. Example- if you sit in front of The TV – every few seconds you are watching new channels of different frame all together. So amount of input entering is much more than what our father had and enormously great deal more than what our grandfather experience.

For any input that enters our body through any of your sense organ, our brain has to do 20 Trillion calculation on what to do with that stimuli.

That means your brain is doing several 20 trillion calculation most of it is of no use-because you are feeding it with lot more than it can see. Out of all visual input only some essential is to see and useful and lot more is non essential and useless.

This input overload was through one sense- so also there is intake through other senses-like Auditory system. Artificially amplified sound did not exist few decades ago. Now you are picking up more sound Our auditory input is from Ear pod, Ear phone, different audio levels of different TV channel, car stereo, street noises, overcrowded place noises, ring tones of others. There is tremendous amount of increase in audio input and thus overload on our senses.
Man used to live out of natural fragrance. Now we are exposed to variety of artificial different fragrance-body spray, perfume gels and room fresheners. Tremendous amount of overload through the nose.

Man use to eat what is natural to his eating habits-Indians will eat Indian , Mexican will eat Mexican, Chinese will eat Chinese. Today we have become multi-cuisine. Now our tongue have to taste every possible edible food – from Chinese to Italian Pizza, To French to spicy Indian food and American burgers.

Even emotionally you contacted 5 or so good friends around you but now through Facebook you are friends. These all are leading to huge sensory overload.

Medical technology has elongated our life span but we are aging faster than before.
People contract diseases at young age which earlier generation may have in their 60’s and 70’s. In current generation people in there 20’s have Juvenile diabetes and high cholesterol. High Blood pressure which never use to effect people below 40’s is now effecting people in 20’s. We are aging much faster. Your central nervous system is being overloaded.

We do not wake up through our biological clock but through the alarm clock. We do not wakeup through natural sleep and wake up cycle. 99% people wake up with aid of wake up call. Body is not in tune with our biological clock. You do not decide and stick to a time when you want to sleep. Most people sleep when there is no more good program to watch on TV. We do not wake up with our choice but with the requirement of getting up at a particular time so as to head to work.

With our present – lifestyle, our natural lifestyle has vanished and gone way away from Bio Rythm our body was designed for. So we have more disease than people of the same age one generation earlier had.
How to stop aging and To delay aging you have to start practicing silence – i.e. meditation in life.
Those few minute you sensually withdraw from everything, you reduce load on your central nervous system and clearly focus on lot of other things it must focus on.

If all the time it is overloaded it will keep on processing at the rate of 20 Trillion calculation on what to do with each stimuli through our sensory system.
Many people need tablets to sleep, tablets for allergy, BP, Stress. All these medicines are dealing with disease not with health.

If you want to be healthy then your sensory overload has to be decreased or punctuated with meditation or non doing.

For scientific reasons or spiritual reason meditation has to be integral part of life. All Doing in life has to punctuated with enough non doing. Silence is to be integral part of our life with all the noise we live in.